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Harper Automated Finishing

With Harper's integration of 50 years of finishing experience with today's robotic technology, "Smart Finishing Cells" can finish complex components in demanding environments. Harper's complete in-house electrical engineering capability ensures that quality is built in. From engineering design to programming, from user-friendly operator panels to training, Harper incorporates the latest technology into every finishing machine. Experience makes the difference. Our technical staff eliminates the guesswork while interfacing your specifications with our finishing knowledge.

Automatic Operation

Automation exists in varying degrees. It can be high productivity using reciprocating conveyors, over/under conveyors or continuous/indexing rotary tables. It can also be gantry-mounted finishing heads improving the surface finish on the largest aircraft wings or deburring nine surfaces on an automotive cylinder head.

Modular Construction

The modular approach has significantly increased the versatility of Harper floor-mounted and overhead equipment. When finishing heads are mounted on overhead gantries, rolling carriages allow rapid repositioning of heads for new setups. Ease of maintenance and quick change wheels enhance the system.

Systems Integration

Diagram of Automated Machinery

Integrated manufacturing cells, C.N.C. automation and just-in-time (JIT) production are all cost-effective ways to eliminate batch processing and lower inventory costs. Let Harper's smart machines be a part of your overall systems integration with tomorrow's technology today.

Experience Makes the Difference

Every finishing problem has a unique solution. It's our years of experience and our hands-on knowledge of our customers' needs that sets us apart. Innovative and cost-effective systems are a direct result of our experience and our single greatest asset, our people.

Automated Machinery
Problem Nine surfaces
Solution An automated walking beam conveyor integrated with an overhead brushing system removes all loose burrs on nine different surfaces. Surfaces include exhaust and intake faces, cam towers, oil gallery and cam bores, two end surfaces and lash adjuster drain hole. The finishing cell can accommodate 8 or 10 cylinder heads and includes dry floor guarding.